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Our T-Shirt Franchise owners provide their customers with beautiful printed T-shirts, as well as uniforms, jerseys, sweatshirts and jackets. Our franchisees enjoy high profit margins, great opportunities to up sell, and the ability to fulfil their dreams of being a business owner.

Your customer base is limitless. Nearly every company, school, organization, team, and a growing numbers of consumers buy and use our printed T-shirts.
We have developed turn-key solutions for newcomers to the T-shirt business as well as created benefits and new systems for seasoned sign industry veterans.

The latest technology is used to produce brilliant full colour images on T-shirts. Items can easily be produced individually or in bulk. Team numbering and lettering capabilities (as well as the ability to provide complete uniform packages) allow you access to the lucrative sports teams and society printing.

The business opportunities with a T-shirt business franchise from The T-shirt Man are almost limitless!

You’re Customers

Companies, small, medium and large need to print t shirts. Non-profit organizations need our services too.  Your customers will come to you for all of their screen printed t shirts. Our system lets you use existing client files to produce beautifully printed t shirts.

We know that sales are the most important part of any T-shirt business franchise. That´s why we assist you with all your marketing efforts. We constantly work on improving existing sales techniques and developing new ones.

Your T-Shirt Franchise Store / Office Space or Work from Home

The T-shirt Man can be run from almost anywhere depending on the commitment you are looking for, as well as an add on to a current business you are running. As an online based company, the majority of sales will come from the website meaning that you do not need a shop front.

A professionally designed website is included in the T-shirt franchise package. The website is one of our most important sales tools. Our advantage is giving the customer the opportunity to browse printed T-shirts, making it easy to up sell and to offer add-on products or services.

We have developed a turnkey package of various levels of equipment, supplies and software to fit your desired business size. A complete production facility can fit within 100 square feet or less. We will design your T-shirt franchise studio to suit your location for maximum production workflow.

Training and Support for your T Shirt Franchise

TheTShirtMan offers unparalleled training and support to our franchisees. Our philosophy is that our success is based on the success of the owners of our T shirt franchises.

We offer a day of one to one comprehensive training in our headquarters. In addition, we assist with the grand opening of your T shirt printing franchise. Each of your trainers has years of experience in his/her field of expertise. By the time open your T shirt printing franchise we will have gone over all aspects of production, business management, sales, marketing, hiring, and sourcing as they relate to starting a T shirt business.

You will receive comprehensive manuals about the how to start a T shirt printing business, access to hundreds of exclusive vendors. Our support personnel or area franchisees will also periodically provide store visits, networking meetings and webinars. The technology, training, and equipment you receive will allow you to compete with any other T shirt printing business around.

Why Franchise with The TShirt Man?

So, why invest in a T-shirt franchise from TheTShirtMan? Franchising is all about risk reduction. Our systems have been tested and proven to work. Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, you will be able to focus on what´s important to you: your business, and your family.
As an added bonus, each TShirt Man franchisee is also trained on how to outsource printing, embroidery, and promotional products. So don’t settle for a franchise that offers just one concept. So our franchise owners can provide a one-stop solution to their customers.

All of these benefits combined with our powerful support and marketing engines result in our unique franchise concept being a great value and an exciting business opportunity!

Who are we looking for?

If you are a dynamic, people person who is tired of working for someone else and ready for a challenge of owning your own business, The TShirt Man could be the right fit for you. If you are interested in finding out more about our company, let us know by emailing Jordan on [email protected] or calling on 02392 984 667