5 colour index separation and waterbased ink

Graphic & Design 21 Agustus 2011 Loading..
Graphic & Design

Colour separation requiring gradual tonal change. This kind of gradient would normally be achieved by a uniform halftone as it is easier to achieve smooth results, but we thought we would give indexing a chance.


Although indexing is not recommended for a subtle gradient, it does eliminate the problem of moire or screen clash, and when we are using coarse screens for a waterbased print this is very useful, we processed this design at 160 ppi and placed it on a medium mesh so we do not put too much ink down, but if your screens are coated well you could put the same half tone on a 34 mesh count if required.


The random dot will go on any mesh count with no moire, but how smooth is the gradient when printed.


Well take a look, obviously where the colours are similar in tone the transition is barely perceptible, you can see the dot on the dark blue to light blue gradient but we think it is still a very good result, it would have benefited only very slightly with the addition of another blue, we do not think it is worth the extra screen on a shorter run of shirts.We are certain the crew at global surf adventures will be more than happy with their T-shirt print.